Vision: at least one Handicrafts4u product in every home
Mission: sustainability of the Center for creative expression and relaxation for persons with disabilities, as a social enterprise (SOLEM), through craftsmanship and selling of handmade designers’ products for socially responsible companies and organizations, through the handicrafts4u brand.
Strategy: offering unique products / limited collections through direct sale.

Handicrafts4u is a brand created through excellent cooperation between professional product designers, graphic designers, applied artists, creative artisans, business consultants and persons with intellectual disabilities, aiming to improve the personal involvement of persons with intellectual disabilities in the society.

Handicrafts4u practices the social enterprise concept. Few of the unique lines of products (home and personal accessories) are designed by the MATA team and are made by persons with intellectual disabilities that attend the Center for creative expression and relaxation in Association SOLEM. The realization of production was made with guidance by the assistants of the persons with intellectual disabilities. This brand is an excellent example for successful cooperation between different creative profiles who are promoting the skills and work of persons with disabilities of different age and gender, different expertise and capabilities.

Handicrafts4u has included the staff of SOLEM and its members in all the phases of the planning, designing, production, promotion and selling the products. The goal is acquiring new skills and enhancing the self­confidence of the persons with disabilities.

Handicrafts4u is a brand created under the project ,,Social entrepreneurship – means for socialization” with the financial support by the Open Society Institute – Mental Health Initiative from Budapest, implemented by NGO MATA­Skopje (Macedonian Artisan Trade Association) and the beneficiaries are Association SOLEM (Citizen Association for Support of Persons with Disabilities).


SOLEM is a citizen association for supporting persons with disabilities founded in 2008. Association SOLEM supports the deinstitutionalization process for persons with disabilities in the Republic of Macedonia through their active involvement in SOLEM’s programmes. Association SOLEM works on several programmes: Creative Centre for adults with intellectual disabilities, Computer Workshops, Self­Awareness and Self­ Advocacy Workshops and Workshops for Tailoring and Sewing.

About MATA

MATA aims to foster the development of the design and craft sector in Macedonia and achieve tangible social changes and benefits for designers, artisans and craft micro enterprises, by providing assistance in product development, market access and capacity­ building.

Association SOLEM is a citizen association for supporting persons with disabilities, which runs the Centre for creative expression and relaxation for adults with intellectual disabilities since 2011. The goal of the Association is to give persons with intellectual disabilities an opportunity to acquire life and work skills for their easier involvement in the society through different kinds of programmes.
Within the Centre for creative expression and relaxation, adult persons with intellectual disabilities gain skills for modeling, tailoring, sewing, manual and unique printmaking using different kinds of monoprinting techniques, like stenciling, stamping etc.

The final products are unique, with original designs, handmade of textile, felt and vinyl.

Where to buy:
Everyone interested in the handicrafts4u products can contact us by phone, our Facebook page or visit us in offices of Association SOLEM. Method of payment negotiable.